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Chica is a scientifically formulated plant-based supplement that has been trialled on both humans and animals to ensure it provides measurable health benefits to animals. Chica contains a range of naturally bioavailable vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, soluble and insoluble fibre, resistant starch, and micronutrients.

About Chica

Chica is a scientifically formulated blend of natural food ingredients that have been selected and tested to ensure they provide measurable health benefits to cats and dogs. Chica contains a range of naturally occurring, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, soluble and insoluble fibre, resistant starch, and micronutrients. Chica contains no artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or chemical stimulants and is almost completely free from any carbohydrates. Chica works, in part, by supplying your pet’s gut with essential nutrition as well as feeding the positive bacteria in the gut (the microbiome).
The highly processed foods commonly fed to our pets typically have very low nutrition compared to natural complex foods. Even so-called premium foods often use fillers that are highly processed or come from low nutrition sources (such as maltodextrin). Chica contains low starch traditional whole grains and active parts of plants. This means it not only contains dietary fibre (which is beneficial in its own right) but also contains many of the essential nutrients and cofactors that the body needs to function. These nutrients are in forms that will survive digestion and be properly absorbed.
Currently available in four formulas

Chica for Dogs

Health + Vitality

Promotes Healthy Gut Function in Dogs
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Health + Mobility

Provides Joint Relief in Dogs with added Collagen
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Health + Calmness

Relieves Anxiety in Dogs with added Hemp Seed
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Health + Longevity

Promotes Optimum Health in Dogs with added Collagen & Hemp Seed
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Chica for Cats

Health + Vitality For Cats

Promotes Healthy Gut Function in Cats
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Chica Ingredients

Chica contains a range of naturally occurring, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, soluble and insoluble fibre, resistant starch, and micronutrients. Chica contains no artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or chemical stimulants and is almost completely free from any carbohydrates.
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Health + Vitality

Sugarcane Fibre

Sugarcane has been scientifically shown to be a high-quality source of fibre as sugarcane fibre is a mixture of soluble and insoluble fibre similar to that found in most vegetables. Sugarcane fibre has also been shown to contain a number of biologically active micronutrients such as polyphenolic antioxidants and minerals. This means that - unlike many other forms of fibre - the sugarcane fibre and associated nutrients are in a form that will survive digestion and can be easily and properly absorbed.  The sugarcane fibre is not heavily processed – the proprietary process uses water to gently remove the sugar and leave the goodness. Many fibres are highly processed, which means that even if they came from a nutritious source, all of the micronutrients are destroyed in the processing (inulin from chicory root for example). Many of the nutrients and waxes are retained within Chica because they are not lost during the manufacturing process.

The sugarcane fibre in Chica is made from 100% Australian grown sugarcane from farmers in northern New South Wales and southern Queensland. During the manufacturing process, only water is added to the sugarcane fibre and it is dried at a low temperature to retain nutrients and other benefits. Ninety-five percent of the sugar content is removed and no chemicals are added during the manufacturing process.

Sugarcane fibre is an active prebiotic

Sugarcane fibre feeds the good bacteria in the gut (probiotic bacteria) and reduces inflammatory “bad” bacteria. Unlike many simple fibre supplements, Chica has been shown to maintain the diversity of the microbiome – essential to good intestinal health.

Sugarcane fibre is soluble and insoluble

This balance of soluble and insoluble fibre helps balance the gut and interacts with the intestinal lining to develop good gut health.

Sugarcane fibre contains a range of complex micronutrients

Chica provides these nutrients in forms that the body can absorb (unlike many simple vitamin supplements).

Red Sorghum

The other core ingredient in Chica is Red Sorghum. And while Red Sorghum has been around for awhile – in fact the grain has been used for thousands of years originating in Africa - more recently, Sorghum has been making its way into a growing number western foods, given the health benefits of this grain.

Red sorghum is a traditional grain that has not been grown to maximise starch production (unlike wheat, rice, barley, and oats) at the expense of it’s nutritional value. This means that Red Sorghum is rich in resistant starch, antioxidants and minerals.  Chica uses unprocessed whole grain red sorghum flour, meaning the outer layer, inner layer and endosperm are all retained. This differs from processed flours (like wheat flour used for white bread), in which the outer layers of the grain are removed. Using processed flours result in up to 70% of the beneficial nutrients being lost.

Red Sorghum is Low GI

This means your pet will feel fuller longer and helps with blood glucose control

Red Sorghum is low in saturated fat

This helps keep cholesterol low and reduces hearth disease.

Red Sorghum is high in fibre

If Sugarcane fibre weren’t enough, Red Sorghum is also high in fibre, for a healthy gut and reduced constipation.

Red Sorghum is packed with nutrients

This includes B vitamins (B1, B2, B5, B6), copper, iron, magnesium, potassium and zinc.B vitamins play an essential role in metabolism, neural development, skin and hair/fur health. Magnesium is important for bone formation, heart health and over 600 biochemical reactions in the body, such as energy production and protein metabolism. Potassium is essential for nerve function, and zinc helps with immune function.

Red Sorghum is high in antioxidants and phytochemicals

Red Sorghum is rich in phenolic compounds, flavonoids, and tannins, which can help to protect your pet from chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes and inflammation.


Chica is the highest known source of bio-available chromium (Cr) in natural foods. Broccoli is recommended as a high natural source of chromium. One serving of Chica has the equivalent amount of chromium as a cup and a half of broccoli.
All ingredients are tested for purity and presence of nutrients with each production run to guarantee efficacy.

Chica contains the following minerals:

Health + Mobility with Collagen

For older pets with joint pain and mobility issues, we recommend our Health + Mobility Formula with Collagen.
In addition to sugarcane fibre and red sorghum, Chica Health + Mobility also contains Collagen


Collagen is the most common protein in the body. It is the major component of connective tissue. Collagen is what keeps skin firm and elastic, is what provides protective covering around organs, and what helps develop strong muscles, bones and tendons. Gram for gram, collagen is stronger than steel. Collagen also has a unique amino acid composition (amino acids are the building blocks of proteins) many of which we need to get from our diet.

Unfortunately, internal collagen production declines with age and there is little that can be done to prevent this aging affect. As collagen levels decline, this can lead to joint pain, limited mobility, skin conditions and other ailments associated with age. Fortunately, collagen production can be helped by the diet – as the body’s ability to make its own building blocks for collagen decreases, it can be supplemented with collagen in food.

Collagen is only found in animals. Most collagen – including that found in Chica – comes from the hides and connective tissues of cows. These hides are a by-product of the meat industry and would otherwise be discarded.

Chica collagen is sustainably sourced from grass-fed, antibiotic free cows, and contains no flavours, dyes or preservatives.

Health + Calmness with Hemp Seed

For anxious pets or those with behavioural issues we recommend our Health + Calmness Formula with Hemp Seed. In addition to sugarcane fibre and red sorghum, Chica Health + Calmness also contains defatted hemp seed. Defatted simply means that much of the excess oil is removed by crushing and drying the hemp seed.

Hemp is rich in protein, fibre and omega fatty acids, containing essential amino acids,  vitamins and minerals. While some of us associate hemp with the psychedelic properties of THC, the hemp used in Chica is derived from a completely different cultivar. In Australia hemp used for foods must be tested to be free of THC.
Hemp has been scientifically shown to deliver anti-inflammatory properties, improve cardiovascular health, boost the immune system, promote healthy skin, can improve brain function and reduce hyperactivity.

Rich in protein and fibre, hemp seed also promotes a healthy gut, can help liver function and can reduce cholesterol.

Health + Longevity with Collagen and Hemp Seed

Each of Chica’s formulas contain ingredients that deliver a range of specific health benefits. However, there is also no reason why your pet can’t benefit from all the Chica ingredients. Chica’s Health + Longevity with Collagen and Hemp Seed is truly a wonder supplement, delivering proven medical health benefits to pets of any age.


Will Chica always deliver health benefits?

Yes. Chica is a high-quality food, so using Chica will always improve your pet’s diet.

What happens if I miss a day?

There will be no adverse outcomes. Just resume when you can.

Is Chica safe for older or young animals?

Yes. Chica is safe for all animals eating solid food.

Is Chica safe after it has past the Best Before Date?

Yes – the Best Before Date is only a guide. We continually test Chica product and have not found any deterioration if stored properly for more than 5 years.

Does Chica contain sugar?

Chica contains very little sugar – less than 0.1g per serve. Our proprietary process removes the sugar from sugarcane. Only the nutrients remain.

How long does it take to see a difference?

The effects of Chica will vary from animal to animal. While some pet owners have seen a noticeable difference within just a few days, normally you should see results within 2-3 weeks.

Does Chica have any negative effects?

No. In some instances, if your pet has a very low fibre diet, they may experience changed bowel habits, however these will return to normal very quickly as they get used to the higher fibre diet.

Do I have to use Chica forever?

Chica should be considered a part of your pets healthy diet. As such it should be eaten every day if possible. The longer you feen your pet Chica the longer it will have a healthy happy life.

Can my pet take Chica with existing medication?

Yes. Chica is a food product and not a medication. You should treat Chica as part of your pet’s diet. If your vet has placed your pet on a restrictive diet for any reason you should ask if Chica is suitable for that diet.

Should I give my pet Chica as part of their meal?

You don’t have to, however we recommend it, as Chica will also reduce the GI of a meal. As Chica has a very mild flavour you should find that mixing it with food will mean even the fussiest pet will eat it without difficulty.

How is Chica made?

Chica is made using low heat, chemical free processes to keep the food ingredients as nutritious as possible while being able to be stored at room temperature. Water is used to remove the sugar from the sugarcane and then the foods are gently dried and ground into a flour for ease of use.

Can my pet overdose on Chica?

No. Chica is a food product and is not harmful if your pet eats too much. The worst that may happen if your pet eats too much Chica is that they may experience a slight stomach upset (as you would if you ate too much fibre). This discomfort will quickly disappear without any long-term effects.
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