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PetKane has entered into a joint venture with MediKane Holdings Ltd (medikane.com.au) to develop a range of scientifically and clinically proven pet food supplement to deliver real and measurable health benefits to our pets. The first product launched by PetKane is Chica.

Our Team

We've had animal companions as part of our family for as long as I can remember.
Loki and Zoltan were our two German Shepherds and together were part of our family for more than twenty years.
For the moment, I have a new challenge, with the arrival our new 'human' baby boy.
Roland Handel
Chief Animal Lover
I've been working in the field of medical foods for humans for more than a decade, sourcing ingredients and proving product effectiveness.
I first gave PetKane to my two cats, Oberon and Titania, after Oberon was struck down by a viral infection.
Malcolm Ball
Pet Scientist


PetKane sources natural Australian ingredients with demonstrated specific health benefits that have been shown to improve health. These are unmatched products and are delivered  in dose form. We have the science and clinical proof to know our products do what we say and have no side effects. 

Wherever possible we use sustainability sourced ingredients.

Our packaging is made from recycled or recyclable materials.

We will continue to look for ways to reduce our impact on the environment.

Our Mission

Controlled test measuring fermentable carbohydrates in the faeces of dogs with a normal dry pet food versus dogs taking additional substrates including sugarcane fibre. Findings concluded that gas production (and a healthier gut) was statistically much lower in dogs taking food with added substrates including sugarcane fibre.
Controlled test measuring the excretion of hairballs in cats with a normal pet diet versus a diet supplemented with sugarcane fibre.  Study found that sugarcane fibre helps prevent the hairball excretion in the faeces of cats. Coughing up hairballs is an indication of poor intestinal health (often caused by inflammatory diets).
Controlled and randomised test to measure the benefit of one of three dietary fibre supplements (beet pulp, wheat bran, and sugarcane fibre) and a control diet in overweight cats. Diets including sugarcane fibre reduced postprandial blood glucose levels and total calorie consumption.

We Love Our Animals and What We Do!

The highly processed foods commonly fed to our pets typically have very low nutrition compared to natural complex foods. Most dietary fibre supplements are either highly processed or come from the outer husk of a seed.  Likewise, pharmaceuticals are designed to force specific biochemical reactions (pathways) in the body or to destroy specific pathogens or cellular functions. This approach is very successful when treating pathogens (bacteria, viruses and parasites) or to remove specific dangerous cells. However, forcing pathways comes with risk, as it can also cause the body’s biochemistry to do things it would not otherwise do. This is what causes side effects and adverse events. 
Our scientists have taken a different approach. The PetKane range of products were developed by first gaining a firm understanding of the Modes of Actions (how the products interact with the body’s natural biochemistry) and then testing for specific outcomes in scientific and clinical trials.  Unlike supplements and health foods that aim to merely make a person more healthy in general, ‘Food as Medicines’ are designed on the principle that taking a controlled dose of certain foods will generate a specific result. 
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